Metro Consulting Associates

Reliable surveyors who do quick, accurate work. Friendly too.

Call Matt Trisdale @ 800.525.6016

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Piatt Land Surveying

Surveyor out of Chelsea who specializes in small city and lakeside lots - very helpful, friendly, and does great work.

Contact John Piatt @ (734) 730 - 8570



Kem-Tec has always does a good and professional job surveying projects in the past, and there's a good chance they'll be able to help you as well. 

Call the office @ (800) 295-7222


Washtenaw Engineering

Washtenaw has been doing surveying in and around Ann Arbor for over 50 years. They are a large enough office to handle requests promptly. I’ve found them to have competitive prices and excellent work. Aaron has helped me here in the past and does thorough surveying and drafting work.

Call the office @ (734) 761-8800


Nowry and Hale

Located in Plymouth, I've had a few clients use them for surveys with good success. I've found their work to be accurate and their drawings thorough. A smaller company, and worth considering.

Call Al or Mike @ 734.446.5501


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Midwestern Consulting

We were able to work with Paul at Midwestern Consulting last year to verify some boundary lines on an extremely tight lot in Ann Arbor - their work was quick, accurate, and fairly priced. I consider them another great option. 

Call Paul Kovacs @ 734.995.0200


Arbor Land Consultants

The folks at Arbor Land Consultants do an excellent job of helping position houses on tight or steep sites, and have consistently shown they are up to the technical challenges as well as the client-relationship building that every good project requires. I would recommend them without reservation - however, they're so good that you may need to get a reservation yourself – because I know they book out in advance for their top-notch service.

Contact Kevin @ (734) 669-2960 or


Types of Survey Services we may need for your project

Mortgage Survey

A simple survey showing property lines and building location. It is a general form of survey that does not definitely establish property lines, but approximates them. If the setbacks from the house and property line are large enough, this survey should be adequate for us to produce a site plan. However, when distances are close we'll need the next level of detail to ensure we're operating within our legal boundaries.

Also called: Mortgage Inspection, Mortgage Report, Mortgage Certificate

Cost: Typically < $600

Boundary Survey

Establishes the boundaries of property based on legal description. Typically involves the setting or restoration of markers at the property corners and sometimes staking along the property lines. This more in-depth survey is recommended for projects where the house is within 4'-0" of the setback lines, or where approximate property line locations are not already known.

Also called Stake Survey, Lot Survey, Lot Stake, Property Line Survey, Physical Survey, Certified Survey

Cost: Typically  > $1200

Topographic Survey - add-on to Boundary Survey

A much more expensive and in-depth survey than the others, a topographic survey should be used on sloped sites where proper house placement is key to getting the design right. I have the ability to produce basic TOPO maps with the satellite data available, which are accurate to +/- 12", enough for a typical design - perhaps supplemented with TOPO data on a specific portion of the site. But if your site is sloped, you might consider the additional investment.

Cost: Typically > $1500

Property Line Verification

Occasionally, all that is needed is a verification of the existing property line locations, on one or two sides of the property, gives us enough information to produce a Site Plan through KJM Design Studio.

Certain service brackets / plans include a Site Plan, and if your project meets some basic requirements we may be able to help in-house.

Cost: May be Included in Proposal