The Art of Crafting a Home

Some houses really stand out as being extraordinary: the overall shape is well composed; the house meets landscape in a way that suggests completion; the details move the eye from the roofline to the front door, across the porch and out into the garden beyond – surprising and exciting as they're discovered. The house sits relaxed, confident, well dressed, and inviting - imagine if this were the place you came home to. 
These are the homes I like to design. Homes of character, joy, wit and excitement. I seek to provide an alternative to the hastily thrown together homes which blot the landscape, instead engaging clients in the creation of homes which delight and intrigue.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Kyle J Marsh, Designer

I have been designing houses in the Ann Arbor area since I moved back from San Francisco, almost 7 years ago. Prior to that I worked for an Architect and Custom Builder in the SF Bay Area, and upon returning to Dexter worked for Bona and Kolb Architects + Builders in Dexter. Since starting my own firm in 2012, I've seen the scale and scope of my projects grow to include everything from small additions and remodels to entire estate plans. 

Most of our work comes from either word of mouth referrals from previous clients and their friends, or from the network of quality builders we've worked with and formed relationships with in the past. By bringing us on during the design phase we are able to help determine, both functionally and aesthetically, the direction of the residential design project.